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Wholesale Products of Santeria

Wholesale Products of Santeria , The owner of Lucumi Products have 47 years in this religion and Santeria, quality products are the main source for spiritual work products are original with a strong belief in tradition and are ritualized for 7 days, gaining strength and power. Our products are manufactured with materials approved by the FDA used the same rigorous methods and formulas tested, developed by Mr, Gregorio Santos Babalawo, ensuring your complete satisfaction. If you are looking for a candle specially prepared hard to find essential oil or simply looking to improve your luck or love life, our products are the best option, it inivitamos to try our flavors if you hate him money delvovemos and stay with the product, we wholesale and retail no minimum purchase, call us at (713) 230.8875 we are ready to receive your order.

Wholesale Products of Santeria

Wholesale Products of Santeria

Lucumi Products Inc (713) 230.8875 We manufacture high quality products, we wholesale and retail, Santeria Cubana, Oil, Candle, Cologne.

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Wholesale Products of Santeria


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    • Spiritual Perfumes & Colognes
    • Spiritual Soaps
    • Spiritual Sprays
    • Sprinkling & Sachet Powders
    • Talismans, Charms.
    • Tarot Cards
    • Baths & Washes
    • Herbs & Roots
    • Incense & Resins
    • Oils, Salves
    • Religious Statues
    • Ritual Candles
    • Santeria Supplies
    • Specialty Lite
    • Spell Kits with Instructions
    • • Caldero de Ogun
      • Elekes (Beads)
      • Candles • Ritual Stones
      • Ohu Ajklhfa
      • Herbs • Potpourri
      • Pulgadas
      • Oils • Incense
      • 21 Palos
    • Articles of Santeria. Wealth, Prosperity, Love Holy Water, Rosewood, storax, kids of St. Helena, download baths, 7 Powers, Pathfinder (Eleggua), Pomba Tour, St. Cyprian, Juan del Amor, John Money, Powder, Garlic Mochica, scale Pemba, florida water, candles shapes, candles couple, ekekos, sweet and bitter herbs.Wholesale prices.
    • Santeria for Love
      Santeria for money.
      Santeria for the Evil Eye.
      Santeria for business.

    Rules for Wholesalers Wholesale Products of Santeria

    1 All customers who register the Store will be reviewed by the Department of conduct and after a brief study of the data provided by our applicant shall be resolved in two ways:
    – The client to be considered as a wholesaler you the option of professional applied and from that moment after advising by mail can buy online with the largest discounts.
    – The customer that your situation is clear and professional, will not be given the privileges of the old, but will be allowed to make retail purchases.
    – Customers who are intermediaries between the store and the end customer will be given a wholesale deal.

    2 Customers must fill correctly all data is being asked to demonstrate their professional degree. And make a record shop at the same time.

    3 The prices displayed on store and have the taxes and fees included equivalence.

    4 The customer after order completion is issued a bill for mail that is your proof of payment and confirming your purchase.
    The itemized bill is to be presented.

    5 Orders are delivered to the address that customers outlining that may be different than the registration and billing in the next 24/48 hours after making the payment of the total order.

    6 Do not be served, nor will close any order that is paid, regardless the order is made.

    7 portes Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands are free from 150 euros.

    8 Customers receive their orders a few details and will be different depending on the amount you add up the same.

    9 wholesale customers will be included for free in a business directory, provided that our customer agrees beforehand to let consumers know where they have a buying point near you. The client will provide the data you want to publish.

    10 We do not require minimum order quantities

Wholesale Products of Santeria

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